Students will be taught solid tumbling basics and technique, such as rolls, handstands, cartwheels and round-offs, and progress to more advanced skills such as back handsprings and saltos. Special care and attention will be given to insure that the proper progressions are followed so that children may perform all skills safely and with proper technique, thus boosting their confidence and enabling them to achieve their goals. The class levels are as follows:

Basic Tumbling: participants will learn and perfect forward rolls, and backward rolls, and begin practicing handstands and cartwheels. We will concentrate on the coordination and locomotor skills necessary for learning harder tricks.
Beginning Tumbling: participants should have dominated forward rolls, backward rolls and cartwheels. In this class they will learn dive cartwheels, round-offs, walkovers, etc. and begin learning front and back-handsprings.
Intermediate: participants will perfect the standing back handspring and learn round-off handsprings, front handsprings, as well as be introduced to the mechanics of front and back tucks.
Advanced: participants must have perfected round-off back-handsprings. This class will focus on learning tucks, layouts, and fulls. Participants will also be taught arial cartwheels and walkovers.



Planned closings for the 2018-19 School year:

September 3rd-Labor Day

November 21st to 25th-Thanksgiving Break

December 21st to January 4th- Christmas Break

March 30th to April 5th- Spring Break

May 27th- Memorial Day


July 4th - 7th- Independence Day

-Family Discount: 15% off each additional child from same immediate family.
-Multiple class discount: 15% off 2nd and 3rd classes a week.
-Annual Membership fee: $25.00 1st child, $15.00 2nd child and $10.00 3rd child.

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