PRE TEAM is a program that is made available to those children who have interest in competitive gymnastics and want to accelerate their progress; to join, they must be recommended by their instructor to the team program director. This program is by invitation only.  Tuition is paid monthly and the assumed length of the commitment is for the full school year.  Athlete coach ratio:  8:1 
Rocket Power 5-7 yr olds 1.25hrs. x 2 $130.00 p/mo.
Fast Track 8yr and up   1.5hrs x 2 $145.75 p/mo.

PRE-COMPETITIVE TEAM is an advanced class that focuses on learning the skills needed to join our Junior Olimpic competitive gymnastics team. The girls will work on strength/conditioning and flexibility along with skills on all four events: vault, bars, beam, and floor. There may also be opportunities for public performances (such as the Elkhart County 4-H Fair).  Also, on the Pre-Competitive Team they will participate generally in one competition per month from January through March at various locations throughout northern Indiana, as well as our in house events like the Christmas Show and Spring Recital.  The goal of the Pre-Competitive Team is to prepare athletes for joining our Junior Olympic Team
Training is 3 hrs. x 2 $167.75 p/mo.

JUNIOR OLYMPIC COMPETITIVE TEAM is an intense competitive program with more strict guidelines & requirements set by USA Gymnastics. It is geared towards the athlete who is seriously committed to the sport of gymnastics and willing and able to commit many hours a week towards her athletic development.



10 hours a week (3 hrs. x 2 & 4 hrs. x 1) $206.75 p/mo.

Entry requirements:  Must have 100% of level 3 skills.


1.  Set a solid foundation for long term skill development.

2.  Become acclimated to competing in USAG Sanctioned events & compete successfully.

3.  Achieve Level 4 skills. 



12 hours a week (4hrs. x 3) $233.75 p/mo.

Entry requirements:  100% of Level 4 skills; mental and physical preparedness to begin working Level 5 skills.


1.  Compete with confidence at current level and learn how to compete successfully)

2.  Achieve Level 5 skills.


16 hours a week (4hrs. x 4) $276.95 p/mo.

Entry Requirements:  100% of Level 5 skills; mental & physical preparedness to begin working Level 6/7 skills.


1. Compete successfully at current level.

2. Achieve level 6/7 skills.

LEVELS 6 to 10

16 plus hours a week (4hrs. x 4) $276.95 p/mo.

Lev. 6 is the first level w/ Optional Routines 

Entry Requirements:  100% of specific level requirements


1. Compete successfully at current level.

2. Achieve skills from next level.

Other Costs:


  • Inspire's Annual Membership: $45.00 due June 1st
  • USA Gymnastics Athlete Membership: J.O. Team:  $59.00
  • Meet Registrations and Coaches’ Fees, Leotard and warm-up suit, Personal grips, tape, gym bag, etc.


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