We offer a Non-competitive Gymnastics Teaching Curriculum. The program is designed to:
Teach skills in small achievable progressions that allow for the child to experience success quickly and regularly, thus keeping them excited and motivated to keep learning;
Encourage participants to progress at a pace that is comfortable to them, while still challenging them to keep learning new skills;
Define winning as personal effort that creates self improvement;
Help children enjoy physical activity and develop the life-long healthy habit of exercising. 

Our Pre-Primary classes are for children 18 months to 6 years. This program includes general motor skill development as well as gymnastics instruction.  Some of the basic skills children will learn are how to jump and land safely, roll properly, swing on the bars, run with correct posture and technique, and balance on the beam.  The curriculum is broken down into achievable steps that aid children in learning as well as provide plenty of opportunity for the successful performance of skills, so that children do not feel discouraged or overwhelmed by a skill. Accompanying the curriculum you get a report that helps keep your child excited about what they are learning, and helps you keep track of his/her progress.  The program is sub-divided into the following groups: 

Flying Pals – for children 18 months to 3 years, accompanied by a parent or care giver.  This class features our special Flying Pals curriculum, which focuses on developmentally appropriate gross motor and locomotor skills, as well as the introduction of basic gymnastics skills, on special child size equipment.  It contains three distinct skill levels. The class includes “flying” through fun gymnastics circuits with the assistance of their “pal”, swinging and flipping around the bars, balancing, turning, and jumping on the beam, jumping on the mini-tramp and into our huge foam pit.  Children are also introduced to a group class setting and the social interaction and rules that come with such.  Student teacher ratio:  10:1. 

Little Gliders – This class is for the 3 year old who has participated in a Flying Pals class and has been recommended by the instructor to move on to a class setting where the child participates without an accompanying parent.  Children will explore basic motor and loco motor skills as well as gymnastics specific skills.  They will work on gymnastics equipment designed especially for small children, and will be introduced to basic gymnastics skills on the floor exercise, bars, balance beam, and vault.  Student teacher ratio 4:1 

Fearless Flyers – 4 and 5 year old.  Children will continue basic and locomotor skill development, but greater emphasis will be put on gymnastics skills.  Children will progress through rolls, handstands, cartwheels, etc., as well as skills on the other gymnastics apparatus'.   Participants in this class will be working on Levels 1 - 3 of our Pre-Primary curriculum.  Student teacher ratio: 6:1 

Gym Jets – 5 and 6 year old. This class is for 5 and 6 year olds who are working at Levels 3 - 5 of our Pre-Primary curriculum (4 year olds who are Level 4's will be allowed as well).  Participants will begin to work on more advanced gymnastics skills and gain strength and flexibility that will prepare them for our school age recreational gymnastics classes, or to progress to Rocket Power and our team program.   Student teacher ratio: 7:1



Planned closings for the 2019-20 School year:

September 2rd - Labor Day

October 31st - Halloween

November 27th to 30th - Thanksgiving Break

December 23rd to January 4th- Christmas Break

April 6th to April 11th - Spring Break

May 25th - Memorial Day

July 3rd - 4th - Independence Day

-Family Discount: 15% off each additional child from same immediate family.
-Multiple class discount: 15% off 2nd and 3rd classes a week.
-Annual Membership fee: $25.00 1st child, $15.00 2nd child and $10.00 3rd child.

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